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What Does a Dietitian Do?
How Do I Know a Nutrition Professional is Qualified?
What is the Difference Between a Registered Dietitian and a Nutritionist?
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Doug Cook's Wellnessnutrition.ca - What Does a Dietitian Do?
How Do I know a Nutrition Professional is Qualified?
Don’t just believe what you hear or read about nutrition; first check out the source.

The term “dietitian” is protected by law to ensure that only those who have met national educational standards and who live up to the Code of Ethics for the Dietetic Profession in Canada can use the title.

Registered Dietitians are health professionals with a degree specializing in food and nutrition from a Dietitians of Canada (DC) accredited university program. The approved programs include courses in:

  • human nutrition and food science
  • biological and physical sciences
  • social sciences
  • management and food service
  • statistics and research methods.

After meeting academic requirements, a dietetic internship or equivalent practicum experience is required. Completing a Master’s or Doctoral degree which requires the application of knowledge and demonstration of skills necessary to practice as a dietitian is an alternative route.

To be able to practice as a dietitian, you need to be registered with the provincial regulatory body in that province. The title “dietitian” is legally protected in each province so that only qualified practitioners who have met education qualifications can use that title. Look for the professional designation “RD, RDN, PDt or RDt (or the French equivalent Dt.P.).

In addition to meeting the above academic and practicum experience requirements, most provinces require successful completion of an examination in order to become registered.

Members of Dietitians of Canada also adhere to a Code of Ethics and the Professional Standards for dietitians in Canada that ensures your right to safe, reliable advice.