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What Does a Dietitian Do?
How Do I Know a Nutrition Professional is Qualified?
What is the Difference Between a Registered Dietitian and a Nutritionist?
How Can A Registered Dietitian Help You?
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Doug Cook's Wellnessnutrition.ca - What Does a Dietitian Do?

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Health Organizations

American Botanical Council - www.herbalgram.org
American Cancer Society - www.cancer.org
American Diabetes Association - www.diabetes.org
American Dietetic Association - www.eatright.org
American Heart Association - www.americanheart.org
Arthritis Society of Canada - www.arthritis.ca
Canadian Cancer Society - www.cancer.ca
Canadian Diabetes Association - www.diabetes.ca
Dietitians of Canada - www.dietitians.ca
Health Canada - www.hc-sc.gc.ca
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada - ww2.heartandstroke.ca
The International Food Information Council - www.ific.org
Canadian Council on Food and Nutrition - www.ccfn.ca
National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute - www.nhlbi.nih.gov
Osteoporosis Society of Canada - www.osteoporosis.ca
The Specialty Food Shop - www.specialtyfoodshop.com
Vegetarian Resource Group - www.vrg.org

Food and Nutrition Sites

The best probiotic supplement on the market - www.biokplus.com
Everything you wanted to know about flax seed - www.flaxcouncil.ca
Health benefits of hemp - www.manitobaharvest.com
Omega Nutrition brand flax seed -  www.omeganutrition.com
Canned fish lower in toxins... - www.raincoasttrading.com
Information on the health benefits of walnuts - www.walnutinfo.com
More fruit and vegetables for better health -    www.5to10aday.com