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About Yuri Elkaim
Yuri graduated with a Bachelors of Physical Education and Health (H.Hons) from the University of Toronto.  He is a Certified Kinesiologist, has 5 years personal training experience with the Sports Clubs of Canada _ Station 7 Reebok, and has 2 years experience in clinical rehabilitation.  He is currently the founder and owner of Total Wellness Consulting.

He also enjoyed playing professional soccer for 3 years, in Canada and France, before acting as the Head Strength _ Conditioning Coach for the nationally ranked University of Toronto Men’s Soccer program.  His training specialties include core conditioning, full-body functional training, sport-specific training, weight loss focused circuit training, muscle building, strength and power training, group training, and Prehab.

His approach to health and fitness is all about balance, both physically and mentally, and achieving one’s true potential.  Through properly prescribed functional exercise and nutrition programs, as well as attention to the inner person, Yuri has helped thousands of individuals reach new heights and achieve a greater quality of life.


About Total Wellness Consulting
Total Wellness Consulting is a leading health, fitness and wellness company offering health-conscious individuals innovative programs and technologies to help reach their goals of physical and mental well being. 

The company is also well known for its Wellness Home programs, Advanced Personal Training services, and its inspiring and highly informative weekly newsletters. 

Total Wellness Consulting’s philosophy is about improving individuals’ quality of life by providing innovative solutions that empower them to take better control of their health and well-being through healthy living, balance, and prevention.

Visit Yuri’s website for all your fitness needs www.totalwellnessconsulting.ca

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